Stove Design Improvement with Design Without Borders

UGASTOVE has recently completed a stove design research with Stove-Without-Borders.

Improved Stove Science

With traditional stoves much heat is transmitted through the sides of the stove, into the environment. This is very inefficient, needing more fuel to complete a given cooking task.
In addition, the fuel does not burn at an optimal temperature, increasing particulate emissions (e.g. smoke) which can have a damaging effect on the health of families who often cook inside the home.
UCODEA improved stoves tackle both these issues:

  • Improved Stove Efficiency
    A ceramic inner lining captures heat created in the combustion chamber. This ensures that the energy is held in the stove, not lost into the surrounding air. The stove stays hot longer with less fuel.
  • The fixed installation format are institutional stoves that are long-lasting and ideal for mass catering organizations.
  • Technology behind the rocket stove concept.

Ugastove And Carbon Credits

Uganda Stove market

Ugastove and CEIHD partner to secure carbon credits for increased dissemination of the improved charcoal and wood stoves in Kampala, Uganda.
To qualify, we have researched improved-stove data on fuel savings, emissions profiles, and the sustainability of fuel resources.

Credits are only granted for increases in stove dissemination (and reductions in GHG emissions) additional to the business as usual scenario that would occur without funding. With access to research data and additional analysis, the carbon credits can be verified.

Carbon finance will be used to fund improved social marketing and production efficiency to generate further stove dissemination.

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