German Technical Assistance (GiZ) works globally as an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development. GiZ has provided engineering assistance to the UGASTOVE stove design process and works globally to promote sustainable development.

In the recent years GiZ through Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) funded UGASTOVE to open up branches in the Northern part of Uganda. Three branches where opened up in the districts of Lira, Gulu and Arua.

The Branches are to be assembling points for UGASTOVE products. The factory has trained all necessary man-power to do the assembling at all these points.

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air addresses the increased environmental health risk facing three billion people who burn traditional biomass fuels indoors for cooking and heating. This voluntary Partnership brings together governments, public and private organizations, multilateral institutions, industry, and others to increase the use of affordable, reliable, clean, efficient, and safe home cooking and heating practices.

The mission of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air is to improve health, livelihood and quality of life by reducing exposure to air pollution, primarily among women and children, from household energy use. About 134 partners are contributing their resources and expertise in a collaborative effort to find long-term solutions to reducing smoke exposure in households around the world from cooking and heating practices.

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