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Modern Kitchen
March 14, 2020 Web Admin

If you are planning a house or have one already built, consider a well designed room for a modern kitchen – a permanent stove provision with a BBQ side, oven and multiple cooking points. Please call +256-752-640-073 or email ugastove@gmail.com on how to get one fixed at your house at an affordable price.

Dual Stove
March 10, 2020 Web Admin

We have improved the charcoal stove quality in order to make a better functioning and more reliable product that meets the needs and desires of users. Reducing breakage in transport and increasing durability in general was also an important goal.

Domestic Charcoal Stove
March 9, 2020 Web Admin

The domestic (household) charcoal stove (DCS) is the most popular stove product in the improved stove range.  There are 5 sizes of the same stove.  The DCS has a ceramic inner lining that supports heat-retention compared to standard charcoal stoves.  Results from a 2006 Kitchen Performance Test show that switching to an improved charcoal stove

Flame Stove
March 9, 2020 Web Admin

Flame stove. It uses charcoal only.