Portfolio category: Institutional Stoves

Modern Kitchen
March 14, 2020 Web Admin

If you are planning a house or have one already built, consider a well designed room for a modern kitchen – a permanent stove provision with a BBQ side, oven and multiple cooking points. Please call +256-752-640-073 or email ugastove@gmail.com on how to get one fixed at your house at an affordable price.

Institutional Portable Rocket Wood Stove
March 11, 2020 Web Admin

Suitable for small and medium institutional use. We now produce the dual which can use both fuels.

Flame Stove
March 9, 2020 Web Admin

Flame stove. It uses charcoal only.  

Fixed Institutional Stove
March 9, 2020 Web Admin

Robust improved institutional stoves offer organizations such as hospitals and schools the benefits of major reduction in fuel expenditure. They come in two designs: The portable format has a large stove rim, low smoke output and durable design. The fixed installation format are institutional stoves that are long-lasting and ideal for mass catering organizations.