Domestic Charcoal Stove

The most popular model, designed for household use and known for its significant fuel savings.

Product Description

Our Domestic Charcoal Stove (DCS) is a popular and efficient cooking solution designed for households in Uganda. It aims to address the challenges associated with traditional charcoal stoves by improving fuel efficiency, reducing smoke emissions, and enhancing overall cooking experience.

Key features of the UGASTOVE Domestic Charcoal Stove:

  • Fuel Efficiency: The DCS is designed to consume less charcoal than traditional stoves, leading to significant cost savings for users over time. This is achieved through a ceramic liner that helps retain heat and improve combustion efficiency.
  • Reduced Emissions: The improved design of the DCS reduces smoke and harmful emissions, contributing to a healthier indoor cooking environment. This is particularly important for women and children who are often exposed to smoke from traditional stoves.
  • Durability: The DCS is made from durable materials, including sheet steel and a ceramic liner, ensuring a long lifespan even with regular use.
  • Different Sizes: The DCS is available in five different sizes, catering for various household needs and cooking volumes.
  • Affordable: UGASTOVE strives to keep the DCS affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of households in Uganda.

Overall, the UGASTOVE Domestic Charcoal Stove offers a practical and sustainable alternative to traditional charcoal stoves. Its focus on fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and affordability makes it a valuable tool for improving the cooking lifestyle of households in Uganda while also contributing to environmental protection.