Fixed Institutional Stove

A larger stove designed for institutional settings like schools and hospitals.

Product Description

The UGASTOVE Fixed Institutional Stove is a robust and durable cooking solution specifically designed for large-scale cooking in institutions such as schools, hospitals, and other organizations with mass catering needs.

Key features and benefits of the Fixed Institutional Stove

  • High Capacity: This stove is built to handle large volumes of food, making it ideal for institutions that need to cook for a large number of people.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The stove is designed to be highly fuel-efficient, helping institutions save on fuel costs in the long run. It typically uses firewood or charcoal as fuel.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the fixed institutional stove is built to withstand heavy use and last for many years.
  • Reduced Emissions: Compared to traditional open-fire cooking methods, the fixed institutional stove produces significantly less smoke and harmful emissions, contributing to a healthier cooking environment.
  • Fixed Installation: As the name suggests, this stove is designed for permanent installation in a designated cooking area, ensuring stability and safety during operation.

Overall, the UGASTOVE Fixed Institutional Stove provides a reliable, efficient, and healthier cooking solution for institutions in Uganda, helping them to save on fuel costs, reduce their environmental impact, and improve the well-being of their staff and beneficiaries.